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ArrowCreek Housing Update: Summer/Fall 2014

by admin on September 5, 2014


AFTER almost four years of hard times — as did practically every other luxury community in the U.S. — ArrowCreek housing market is back to its normal form. Home values are up 12.1% from 2013.  Demand for ArrowCreek homes has consistently gone up since 2011 when the housing market hit bottom.

Here’s a good, quick overview of the housing market in ArrowCreek:

ArrowCreek Housing Update: Summer/Fall 2014


Media property values is at $702,560.  A 12.05% increase — the rise is probably even higher for the starter ArrowCreek properties that went has low as low $400’s.


ArrowCreek Median Property Value: Summer/Fall 2014


ArrowCreek Homes Median Listing Price